Інтерпретована алгоритмічна мова як засіб розбудови веб-орієнтованих дидактичних та інформаційних систем

Описано підхід до розбудови можливостей існуючих та створення нового покоління веб-базованих дидактичних та інформаційних систем через використання спеціалізованої алгоритмічної мови з онлайн інтерпретатором та підтримкою фунцій моделювання динамічних об’єктів, зокрема в галузі дистанційної освіти.

The influences of seismic processes, the Sun and the Moon on the small changes of coordinates of GNSS-stations

Aim. In order to improve the definition of GNSS-stations coordinate changes, it is important to find out how the processes that occur in the near-Earth space influence the significance of these changes. To describe such processes we can use the seismic activity index, the infrasound rate, and the number of daily flashes in the Sun. In this regard the purpose of this work is to study the influence of the above processes on small changes in the coordinates of GNSS-stations. Method.

Adaptation of discrete macromodels of electric transmission lines to modern computer tools

The paper discusses the methods of creation of mathematical models of electric transmission lines. It is proposed to develop them on the basis of computer simulation data or data obtained by natural experiment using the "black box" approach in the form of state variables. The derived system of discrete equations in the form of state variables equivalent to the system of ordinary differential equations has been adapted to the MATLAB / Simulink software environment by creating the mathematical model using S-Function Block.

Macromodelling as an approach for short-term load forecasting of electric power system objects

In the paper methods of construction of mathematical models intended for the power consumption forecasting are discussed. Alternative method of forecasting of defined object using discrete macromodels which allows to conduct quantative analysis of characteristics of the electric energy consumption in the future using known previous data obtained during the field test is proposed.

Effectiveness evaluation of discrete macromodelling to forecast power consumption of electric power system component elements

The paper is concerned with a method intended for forecasting electric power consumption using discrete macromodels of daily and annual electric power consumption of defined objects. The method provides the possibility of estimating qualitative characteristics of future electric power consumption based on known prior data.