Meaning and Other Problems of the Semantics of Ordinary Language (Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of H.P. Grice’s Article “Meaning”)

The foreword to the very first Ukrainian translation of H. P. Grice’s article “Meaning” deals with the personality of the famous British-American philosopher, a representative of analytical philosophy, and the importance of his work in the field of semantics and ordinary language philosophy. Translators of this article focus on the features and subtleties of translation into Ukrainian.

The contribution of Adelfotesauthors union into Ukrainian terminology in the late XVI–XVII cen.

The article is devoted to the study on 101 linguistic terms, fixed in Ukrainian part of “Grammar” of the author association Adelphotes. The analysis of semantic and grammatical features, motivation and origin of the terms and their elements showed, that Lviv scientists in 1591 have had an opportunity to create the first system of terms of morphology and phonetics, which was suitable for the description of Greek and Ukrainian languages and became a basis for the grammatical works of the authors of the future generations.