measuring transducer

Resources for Structural Optimization of Gas-hydrodynamic Measuring Transducers

The paper presents the analysis of the resources of structural and parametric optimization of gas-hydrodynamic measuring transducers of physical and mechanical parameters of fluids. Resources such as the number of throttles and their arrangement in the diagram, type of throttle elements, measuring channels with a certain type of output signal, the supply mode of the measuring transducer can be integrated into the design process of the measuring transducer of a specific parameter.

Measures of Measurement of Constant Current on the Basis of Quantum Magnetometric Sensors

The structures of the frequency-guided calibrator, measuring transducer and DC comparator based on quantum magnetometric sensors are proposed. The peculiarity of the proposed complex is the use of the universal structure of the QMS, for which only external commutations determine the type of device and its purpose.

Mathematical Models of Throttle Elements of Gas-hydrodynamic Measuring Transducers

This is a review article and it presents the flowrate characteristics of throttle elements used for measuring diagrams of transducers of fluids parameters. The review includes a wide range of research on the characteristics of incompressible and compressible fluids, Newtonian and Non-Newtonian fluids at the conditions of laminar, transient and turbulent flow through the channels of different cross-sections. The article considers equations for macroscopic flows. The theoretical equations for calculating the pressure drop for fluid flow in microchannels are presented.

Computer simulation of measuring transducers used for diagnosis of icing in solidworks software package

There is a number of disadvantages in existing systems of diagnosing ice formation on overhead electric power distribution lines, under the conditions of climate change. In particular, they do not meet actual precision requirements. A 3D model of a measuring traducer being the part of an improved predictive diagnostic system was designed in the SolidWorks software environment.

A measuring transducer in the system of technical diagnosis of overhead lines icing in electrical distribution networks

The existing diagnosis systems of icing on wires of overhead power lines use imperfect diagnosis algorithms and icing sensors. In the paper, the schematic diagram of a measuring icing transducer and structure of its sensor based on uninsulated wires of overhead power lines of А and АС types have been substantiated. The sensor consists of a main electrode in the form of an isolated aluminum strand twisted around the central one and a secondary electrode in the form of an adjacent strand.