Principles of mediation as an alternative method to ensure human and citizen’s rights

The article is devoted to the analysis of principles of mediation as an alternative method to ensure human and citizen’s rights, enshrined in the Law of Ukraine “On mediation”, their relationships and interdependence. The research methodology includes a complex analysis and consolidation of the available scientific and theoretical materials, as well as shaping the corresponding conclusions. In the process of the research conducting, the authors used methods of scientific cognition: terminological, logical and semantic, functional, system and structural, logical and normative.

Development of mediation institute in Poland: genesis and activity experience of the centers

Problem setting. In modern conditions of exacerbation of social problems and increasing social risks in Ukraine, the role of social function of the state, which is also associated with development of the mediation institute in Ukraine, is significantly increasing. Research of mediation problem is quite important and relevant. It makes it possible to improve the institutionalization of the mediation process in Ukraine, to develop and introduce new approaches, mechanisms in the field of public management of social services.

Certain issues of mediation in economic judicial proceedings

The article analyzes mediation as an alternative way of resolving disputes in commercial litigation. The different views of scientists on the definition of mediation and the legal status of the
mediator are analyzed. The problems of legal support in Ukraine of this extra-judicial procedure of
settlement of economic disputes are clarified and the ways of overcoming them are grounded in the light of foreign experience.