національна безпека

Administrative and legal principles of the activity of state bodies in the sphere of national security

The article deals with the administrative and legal principles of the activity of state bodies in the field of national security. The subjects of administrative-legal maintenance of national security in Ukraine, their tasks and service are considered. Legal means, forms and methods of the activity of bodies of national security, their interaction are studied.

Migration crisis in the EU: security of external borders at stake and inter-ethnic relationships aggravating

This article covers the problem of the current migration crisis in the EU countries. Special focus is placed on analyzing problems with the security of EU external borders and aggravating inter-ethnic conflicts. The author notes that the migration wave brings along the problem of the integration of migrants in European societies, revives the ethnocentric rhetoric of many European politicians. Further, the theory of multiculturalism is criticized, anti-Islamic sentiment is intensifying, ultra-right and nationalist parties are developing in European countries.