національна безпека

Legal aspects of cybersecurity in Ukraine: current challenges and the role of national legislation

Summary. The article identifies the peculiarities of the current state of cybersecurity in Ukraine and emphasizes the importance of applying effective legislation aimed at protecting the cyber structure, as well as choosing the best tools and mechanisms to combat cyber threats.

Characteristics of national security of Ukraine during the period of marital state: goals, challenges and strategy

Abstract. This scientific article is devoted to the improvement of public administration in the sphere of national security of Ukraine, the corresponding goals, challenges and strategy. The essence of the concept of "national security", its components and influencing factors, as well as the concept of "system of ensuring national security" are systematically analyzed.

Strategy for combating illegal armed formations: content, components, evolution

The issue of determining the need to develop a strategy for combating illegal armed formations is considered, the content and components of the strategy are defined and how the development of individual components changes approaches to the strategy itself is shown. The emphasis is placed on the complexity of formulating a strategy in the field of national security as a result of uncertainty of the concept of strategic legal acts, their hierarchy and content in the Ukrainian legislation.

The effectiveness of the ban on pro-russian political parties: experience and realities

The legal regulation of the prohibition of political parties in Ukraine and foreign countries in the article is examined. The key issue in the issue of banning political parties is the mechanism of this ban and its effectiveness in protecting fundamental human rights, national security of Ukraine and protection of the democratic constitutional order. Since information security is an important front line, Ukraine is defending its independence and democracy in this area.

Regulatory and Legal Provision of the Fight Against Illegal Armed Groups in Ukraine

Problem setting. The definition of illegal armed groups is analyzed, the content of problems that need a legal provision to combat illegal armed groups is determined. The system of Ukrainian normative legal acts and key international legal acts related to terrorism and the fight against terrorist financing is outlined.

Organizational, legal and financial basis of logistical support for the activities of internal affairs authorities of Ukraine

The organizational, legal and financial basis of logistical support for the activities of internal affairs authorities in the context of national security of Ukraine is analysed as well as their role in the regulatory process of necessary technical equipment supply is revealed. The ways to improve legal and financial conditions of logistical support for the activities of internal affairs authorities are identified.

NATO membership for Ukraine as a geopolitical imperative in the context of national and regional security

The historical events and geopolitical processes that affected and have influence on the Euro-Atlantic integration of Ukraine are analysed. The NATO-Ukraine relationship in the period of Russian aggression and “hybrid war” are considered and the factors that can become decisive for global and regional security are examined.