національна безпека

Comparative and legal analysis of crimes against national security in the criminal codes of Ukraine and Poland

The article presents a comprehensive comparative legal analysis of crimes against national security according to the criminal codes of Ukraine and Poland. The authors analyze the common approaches of the legislator of countries to the criminalization of socially dangerous acts in the relevant field, the differences in these approaches. Based on the analysis of the current criminal code of the Republic of Poland, the authors propose a number of new norms for a special part of the Ukrainian criminal law. In particular, the authors propose to supplement Art.

Administrative and legal nature of information security

The article considers issues related to the administrative and legal nature of information security of the population of Ukraine and its provision in the economic crisis, reducing social protection, increasing external threats from other countries and waging an information war against Ukraine by individual countries. It should be noted that the measures taken by the Ukrainian authorities to protect the state, its territorial integrity and the security of the country's population are timely.

National and information security (current update)

The focus is on information security issues. There are always cyber threats in a globalized society, but in times of certain world or state problems and difficulties, their impact is particularly acute. It is stated that the world now is facing a new problem - a new disease whose treatment does not have treatment and prevention in the form of vaccination. The set of measures taken at the state level causes the weakening of the state and non-state sectors of the economy and applies to all spheres of life of both individuals and the state and international institutions.

Правові питання розв’язання проблем фінансової безпеки України

У статті розглянуто важливі питання щодо ролі і місця фінансової безпеки як
складового елементу національної безпеки держави та важливості прийняття Закону
«Про Національне бюро фінансової безпеки України». Визначено позитивні і негативні
сторони цього законопроекту та його можливий вплив на стан фінансових

Peculiarities of legal support of the social state functioning

In the article features of legal maintenance of functioning of the social state are considered. The necessity of concretising the definition of the concept "social state" is substantiated. The analysis of normative and legal acts regulating social security issues was carried out and it was proposed to develop and to adopt the Law of Ukraine "On Social Security" by taking into account the peculiarities of existing threats.

Historiographical analysis of the problem of information security in the post-Soviet space

The article analyzes the scientific works of modern Russian and foreign scientists in the context of studies of various  aspects of information security. After the collapse of the USSR information security of the state, society and the individual  became the subject of scientific research of political scientists, sociologists, jurists, philosophers, and experts in the  information technology. But in historical perspective defined perspective is seen for the first time. 

Administrative and legal principles of the activity of state bodies in the sphere of national security

The article deals with the administrative and legal principles of the activity of state bodies in the field of national security. The subjects of administrative-legal maintenance of national security in Ukraine, their tasks and service are considered. Legal means, forms and methods of the activity of bodies of national security, their interaction are studied.

Migration crisis in the EU: security of external borders at stake and inter-ethnic relationships aggravating

This article covers the problem of the current migration crisis in the EU countries. Special focus is placed on analyzing problems with the security of EU external borders and aggravating inter-ethnic conflicts. The author notes that the migration wave brings along the problem of the integration of migrants in European societies, revives the ethnocentric rhetoric of many European politicians. Further, the theory of multiculturalism is criticized, anti-Islamic sentiment is intensifying, ultra-right and nationalist parties are developing in European countries.