National Police

National police as a component of the security and defence sector in countering russian aggression in Ukraine

Based on theoretical and legal analysis, the article summarizes the peculiarities of police activity as a component of the security and defence sector during the period of russian aggression.  

Procedural activity of the National police in the implementation of the control and supervision function

The procedural activity of the National Police in the exercise of the supervisory function has been investigated. The theoretical aspects of control and supervision in the context of administrative and procedural activity are considered. The stages of control proceedings, their sequence and content are analyzed. The stage of preparation for carrying out control and supervision measures, the stage of carrying out these measures, the stage of decision making, the stage of reviewing the implementation of the decision are characterized.

Typology of corruption events in police

The article deals with theoretical aspects of typology of corruption manifestations in the police. Emphasis is placed on the existence of corruption risks affecting the effectiveness of police activities. It has been proven that preventing corruption risks is a complex process, as not all risks can be identified and assessed, many of them likely and probable. The principles of criminal, administrative and disciplinary liability of police officers for committing corruption offenses are considered.

Administrative legal mechanisms to provide public trust in the police

The article describes theoretical approaches to the administrative and legal mechanisms
of police interaction with the public on a partnership basis, aimed at ensuring public trust and
support by the police. The influence of administrative and legal mechanisms ensuring public
police trust on the effectiveness of the National Police’s service activity in the context of reform
processes in the state’s law enforcement system is analyzed. The necessity of obligatory
consideration of public opinion when adopting normative legal acts regulating the activity of

Аreas of improvement legal education and training of the law enforcement officials in ukraine on the basis of use european experience

The article is devoted to the definition of areas of improvement of legal education and professional training of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine on the basis of the EU experience in this area. The article is devoted to the task of reforming legal education, research training practice lawyers and law enforcement officials in the EU, proved the benefits of training learning conditions for maximum simulation of real situations.

Historiography research bases of a Ukraine National police’s administrative and legal protection of rights in the property field

The article is devoted historiographic research bases of Ukraine National Police’sadministrative and legal protection of in the property field. The article features the research of historical transformation of scientific views on the importance of police in society.

Problems of legal regulation of the activities of the national police in the field of road safety

In the article the theoretical and practical aspects of legal regulation of Ukraine National Police units in the field of road safety. Analyzed administrative legal National Police under departmental regulations in the field of road safety issues and defined the ways of improving the regulatory framework.