The article analyzes the scientific works devoted to the study of the peculiarities of the alabaster sculptural plastic restoration in three thematic groups: 1) the terminological meaning of the alabaster stone name; 2) mineralogy, the quarries and the stone-working areas of the alabaster stone; 3) preservation and restoration of the sculptural plastic of the alabaster stone. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, monographs give the terminological meaning of the name. In particular, the works by Bilets'kyi V. (2004), Bulda S. (1930), Polishchuk V. (2002), Voloshynets' V.

Моральні засади діяльності в Україні та ЄС інституту адвокатури в Україні та ЄС

У статті комплексно, на основі ґрунтовного аналізу значного масиву джерельної
бази, проаналізовано особливості формування моральних засад діяльності інституту
адвокатури в Україні та ЄС. Визначено зміст адвокатської етики: адвокат захищає
інтереси свого клієнта; використовує тільки ті засоби і способи захисту, які передбачені
законом; володіє такими якостями своєї професії які не мають псувати його імідж.
Сформульовано модель юриста, що повинна відповідати таким вимогам: високий

Psychological triggers in the media: concept, characteristics, types, opposition to their influence

This article raised the issue of the influence of psychological triggers in traditional and new media on their recipients, particularized their peculiarities, types, and disclosed the scheme of resistance to the influence of the mass media triggers for the first time in journalism.

Manipulative mass media use emotional stereotypes as psychological triggers that automatically cause the reaction which was foreseen by manipulators: alarm, fear, panic.

Some features of the development of legal science and education in belarus in the interwar period

The article deals with some features of development of jurisprudence and formation of Belarus in 1921–1941 by the XX сentury and opens its features. The article is prepared generally on archival material which wasn't used by historical and legal science before.

Lustration as a tool of political system democratization in Ukraine

The paper deals with lustration as an institution of transitional justice, aimed at preventing recurrence of authoritarianism, protecting democratic achievements and creating a new political system. The principles of lustration and essential resources in Ukraine are defined in the article.

Anti-krisis financial management of banks on example stalemate of “Brokbiznesbank”

The economic and financial crisis in Ukraine today increasingly exacerbate the situation
of all entities both enterprises of different scales and insurance companies, credit unions,
investment funds, banks and so on. Functioning of the economy of any country can not be
imagined without efficient banking system. Banks deeply penetrate into the sphere of
production and actively influence the economic and social processes in the country. For a long
period of banking institutions activity has been unstable and it gets worse every year. The

Generic and specific signs of bribery in connection with the implementation of voting rights, the criminal legislation of Ukraine

In the article the bribery of a voter's referendum as a separate bribery. Its features are determined by the specifics of the process. The attention paid to the specific features of bribing voters, by referendum, and in particular due to the presence zavualovanosti form an action, tangible criteria definition of illegal benefit others. Overview, knowledge of generic and specific features of bribing a voter's referendum will promote adequate criminal-legal assessment of this type of giving further improvement of the criminal legislation of Ukraine.