Valuable measurements of righteous behavio

The article provides a theoretical and legal analysis of the definition of lawful behavior, an understanding of its criteria, types, mechanism of formation and implementation in modern circumstances. Lawful behavior as a type of social behavior is a complex process of human and law interaction. This interaction consists in the influence of law on the behavior of an individual who, guided by the value system established in his mind, chooses his own model of behavior.

Meta-anthropological cognization "transcedental exchange" in legal communication

Abstract. The problems of meta-anthropological consistency of "transcendental exchange" in legal communication are considered. Emphasis is placed on the results of activities, their driving force, which can be an equally powerful means of both constructive and correlative action. A summary of the meta-anthropological approach to methods of overcoming aggression, impatience, conflict expression is highlighted. Transcendental exchange is based on showing sincere interest in the fate of a person, restraining emotions in conflict communication.

Valuable guidelines of law in the formation of human behavio

The article defines the impact of value orientations of law on the formation of human behavior through the prism of the main concepts of legal understanding. It has been found that the nature of legal values occurs in several alternative axiological approaches, of which the most well-founded are the objectivist and subjectivist concepts. Thus, the first determines that values exist objectively, that is, regardless of the subject's consciousness, and he only correctly or incorrectly evaluates them and applies them in everyday life.

Application of the main features of human dignity in gaining freedoms

The application of the basic features of human dignity in the acquisition of freedoms plays an important role in our lives. After all, moral norms of law contribute to decision-making in accordance with justice and human dignity. It should be noted that the application of law – is the ability to correctly and appropriately apply the law. However, it should be noted that the application has its own characteristics.

Legal determination of behavior:historical-theoretical measurement

The  features  of  the  concept  of  behavior  essential  content  of  which  is  at  the  present  stage 
of  transformation  of  society  is  revealed  through  the  following  categories  and  concepts  like 
«man»,  «society»,  «activity»,  «public»  and  «industrial  relations»,  «social  life»,  «personality» 
etc.  The  behavior  is  considered  as  a  set  of  successive  works  or  system  of  human  action  as 
practical,  real  or  realized  the  effect  that,  first,  there  is  a  kind  of  behavior,  meaningful  set  of 

Концепт моделі «поведінки» у філософсько-правовому дискурсі

У статті на основі значної джерельної бази комплексно проаналізовано визначення
термінів «поведінка» та «діяльність», простежено розвиток дефініцій у правознавчому
аспекті, з’ясовано їхні основні ознаки та характеристики. Здійснено спробу доведення,
що поняття «поведінка» та «діяльність» становлять основу філософеми девіантної

Determination of conduct definitions: theoretical and legal aspects

The features of the concept of behavior essential content of which is at the present stage of transformation of society is revealed through the following categories and concepts like “man”, “society”, “activity”, “public” and “industrial relations”, “social life”, “personality” etc. The behavior is considered as a set of successive works or system of human action as practical, real or realized the effect that, first, there is a kind of behavior, meaningful set of works.