правова соціалізація

Family in the system of risks of legal socialization

The tasks of the theory of legal socialization include the study of the holistic process of personality formation. The solution of this problem is complicated by the need to understand the problems and risks of legal socialization and the need to further development of sound recommendations for their prevention and overcoming. The concept of risk is multifaceted. The problem of risks is now widely discussed in scientific circles in assessing international, economic, social, legal, financial and other areas of government activity.

Legal socialization in school environment

Modern science has faced with an urgent need to update knowledge about a child and childhood, about development of adolescent personality, ways of effective socialization of the child as a process that determines the development of society. New mechanisms are required to promote the successful legal socialization of children and adolescents. This necessity is explained by the emergence of new paradoxes and contradictions peculiar to the relationship between the young man and modern society.

The critical view on the legal socialization: sublimated slavery or the problem of authoritarian subbmition of a person in non-democratic states

Summary. The article analyzes the relationship between authoritarianism and legal socialization. The concept of "legal socialization of the individual" is interdisciplinary, that is why in our article we will consider it primarily from the standpoint of law, psychology and pedagogy. Typically, the analysis of legal socialization concerns the positive influence of the state and society, creating conditions for better assimilation of social and legal experience, norms and rules of coexistence of people develops positive qualities.

Some aspects of early legal socialization

 Legal socialization of the children is an important part of the theory of legal socialization
of the person. The role of early legal socialization is to includ the person in global society and
to minimization risks of development destructive legitimate behavior. As a result of studing at
school children must know the basic legal norms which interpret their rights and duties, rights
and duties of their parents, of their friends and of the state. The article deals with the role of

Правова соціалізація особи як об’єкт теоретично- правового дослідження

Розглянуто теорію правової соціалізації особи. Сформульовано основні підходи до
визначення поняття “правова соціалізація особи”.