Legal socialization in school environment

: 92-97

Paruta O. "Legal socialization in school environment"

Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology, National University “Lviv Polytechnic”

Modern science has faced with an urgent need to update knowledge about a child and childhood, about development of adolescent personality, ways of effective socialization of the child as a process that determines the development of society. New mechanisms are required to promote the successful legal socialization of children and adolescents. This necessity is explained by the emergence of new paradoxes and contradictions peculiar to the relationship between the young man and modern society. Younger adolescence is characterized by important changes in social relations and socialization, as the predominant influence of the family is gradually replaced by the influence of peers, who act as a source of reference norms of behavior and obtaining a certain status. During adolescence, social cognition becomes an increasingly important determinant of children's behavior. It is at this age that children must learn to deal independently with difficult situations in friendly relations, to make decisions on issues of justice, to adhere to established social norms and customs. Modern science must take into account that the period of schooling is a transitional stage that connects childhood with adult life. In adolescents, legal socialization is difficult and contradictory, because it is the time of personal development characterized by the physical and psychological restructuring of the human body, Increase of emotionality and tension in relationships with peers and adults, rapid change of interests in learning and cognitive activities. We evaluate the effectiveness of legal socialization and specific methods of legal influence on the individual through their ability to prepare the younger generation for independent legal activity. Socialization will be successful, if it is able to ensure the acquirement and reproduction of social and legal values by a person in his/her activity, which will help to develop the individual legal status of the person, to form skills of legal behavior that will be effective in the future. Successful social and educational, pedagogical work with children in Ukraine is possible under the condition of creating a normative basis for its implementation. Prospects and pedagogical effectiveness of legal socialization of school children are ensured by the integrity and balance of state, public and individual programs in the field of social work, taking into account the needs and interests of each participant in the legal socialization process.

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