System and Conditions of Criminal Punishment for Juveniles

In the modern law enforcement process, special attention is paid to the criminal liability of minors. This is due to the need to ensure their rights and interests, as well as to promote their correction and social rehabilitation. This research article examines the system of criminal sentencing for minors. The author analyzes the legislation, practice and principles that determine the conditions of criminal punishment for this category of persons.

Mediation as a method for settlement of family disputes

The legal nature of mediation as an alternative way of resolving disputes is investigated. The perspectives of the use of mediation in solving family law disputes were singled out. The authors define the family legal dispute, distinguish its features. It is noted that the mediation procedure is gaining popularity and used among the subjects of sectoral legal relations, so, in fact, it is necessary to establish the theoretical and legal nature of the institute, which is new to Ukrainian law.

Conciliation with a victim as a measure for administrative offences prevention

The article deals with the main issues of the reconciliation between guilty person and a victim of an administrative offence. The author of an article suggests his vision towards the application of the reconciliation, in specified by Ukrainian legislation cases, as one of the preventive measures of influence in order to educate the citizens to be fair and law-abiding under different circumstances.

The essence of the reconciliation procedure in the system of alternative decisions of legal conflicts (disputes)

The article discloses the content of alternative dispute resolution, describes the reconciliation procedures, shows their place in the system of alternative methods and determines under what circumstances and for what purpose the administrative court can initiate and participate in mediation.