professional development

Features of Choosing Forms of Professional Development for Employees of the Foreign Economic Department

The professional development of employees is an integral part of the organization's personnel man- agement, since the effectiveness and efficiency of its activities significantly depend on the level of profes- sional training of personnel in the conditions of the modern economy. Employees increasingly have to combine a wide variety of functions in their work, perform many different professional tasks, process large amounts of information, etc.

Management of the Professional Development of the Future Manager at the Initial Stage of University Education

The article analyzes the structure of the process of professional formation of future managers, identifies the components of the characteristics of a future specialist that ensure effective management of professional formation. The concept of professional formation of the individual, which is considered by scientists as the formation of professional orientation, competence, socially significant and professionally important qualities and their integration, readiness for constant personal and professional growth, is de- fined.

Ensuring the effectiveness of professionalization of local self-government officials

Introduction. The decentralization reform and the development of the local self- government system fundamentally changed the management tasks assigned to officials of local self-government bodies. These changes were most clearly manifested after the unification of territorial communities, which actualizes the problem of professionalization of officials, their ability to effectively exercise power and management powers in the conditions of a fast-moving environment.

Global context of professional development of employees in the socio-cultural sphere

The article defines specific features of professional development of employees in the socio-cultural sphere. The basic directions for professional development and peculiarities of advanced training are offered. Various forms of professional development of employees in the socio-cultural sphere are presented.

On question of functioning of advocatory self-government in Ukraine

The article is devoted to a consideration of some problematic issues of functioning of the advocatory self-government in Ukraine. It is accentuated on its importance as a non-governmental
institute created for the independent resolution of self-organization and advocacy activities. The tasks entrusted to units of advocatory self-government are considered. Attention is drawn to problems of