On question of functioning of advocatory self-government in Ukraine

: 201-208

Markovych Kh.
"On question of functioning of advocatory self-government in Ukraine"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article is devoted to a consideration of some problematic issues of functioning of the advocatory self-government in Ukraine. It is accentuated on its importance as a non-governmental
institute created for the independent resolution of self-organization and advocacy activities. The tasks entrusted to units of advocatory self-government are considered. Attention is drawn to problems of
advocates’ annual fees for providing the advocatory self-government activities. It is noted that the stop of the right to advocate practice exempts advocate from paying an annual fee for the termination period
of such right. Problematic aspects of ensuring bar independence are emphasized, which primarily concerns a legal relationship between bar and state. The importance of strengthening the confidence of
civil society in providing qualified legal assistance of advocates is emphasized. Positions of scientists on membership of advocates in the only professional organization — Ukrainian National Bar Association
— are analyzed. We believe that membership of the Ukrainian National Bar Association is a prerequisite for ensuring self-government and independence of the advocacy institute, as selfgovernment
is able to ensure the collective independence of members of the bar community. The new version of the order of professional advancement of advocates of Ukraine has been analyzed. A
comparative analysis of some types of professional development of advocates and notaries is carried out. Conclusions have been made about the positive and negative sides of this new version. Consideration is
given to the need for events to improve the skills of advocates as they aim at the professional advancement of advocates, enhancing their image, competence, and professionalism. The conducted
research allows concluding that the advocatory self-government in Ukraine is quite advanced and the legal provisions in this area are sufficiently detailed. However, the implementation of legal norms in
practice revealed that the system of self-government units has certain disadvantages and that certain norms of legislation need improvement.

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