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Software for Calculating the Location Coordinates and Weighting Coefficients of Acoustic Paths of Ultrasonic Flow Meters

The article focuses on the development of software that allows you to calculate the location coordinates (x) and weighting coefficients (w) of acoustic paths of multipath chordal ultrasonic flow meters. The input data for the calculation are three (and in one case – four) parameters – the number of acoustic paths (N) ultrasonic flow meter, the type of numerical integration method, the internal diameter of the pipeline and degree (k) of weight function of Jacobi polynomial (if the Gauss-Jacobi numerical integration method was chosen).

Information System of Accounting for Methodical Work of the Department

An Information system for the analyzing the methodical work of higher educational institution department has been developed. It is established that the methodical work of the department is of great importance in ensuring the quality of educational activities of higher educational institutions, which provides in particular the availability educational and methodological support of the educational process and information systems for effective management.


The technique of characteristics of thermoelectric energy converters based on the study of the frequency dependence of their impedance is presented. Specialized hardware and software for impedance spectroscopy of thermoelectric modules have been developed. For the analysis of the obtained spectra, an electrothermal model was taken as a basis, which describes the experimental results well and allows one to obtain not only electrical but also thermal characteristics of a thermoelectric energy converter.

Mobile information technologies in the problems of a suitable tourist at the time of excursion

The peculiarities of development of software on the platform of mobile operating systems, for informative support of tourists are analyzed. The proposed recommendation system is based on the use of the functionality of GPS-modules of the smartphone in order to take into account the current location of the user, as well as the actual distances to the target objects of the route. This, in turn, is an informational and technological basis for the implementation of the functions of optimizing excursion routes.


The  theme  of  the  project  proposal  relates  to  scientific  research  in  the  field  of  health  care  and  medical technologies on  the basis of  the  further development  and  implementation of hardware software,  smart  sensors,  the  technique of processing, normalizing and applying of information signals for the creation of means for adjusting the physiological state of the human body by the electro stimulation, agreed in real-time mode with cardiac rhythm.

Розроблення програмного забезпечення для верстання макетів видань

Розроблено програмне забезпечення, яке здійснює компонування тексту на сторінці. Здійснено точне позиціонування текстових блоків, додавання сторінок, вирівнювання тексту. Програма написана на платформі .NET мовою програмування С#. Результат роботи програми виводиться у форматі PostScript, який перетворюється на формат PDF, останній з яких є стандартом у видавничій справі.


In connection with the enhanced development of cyber-physical systems, considerable attention in the world is given to various aspects of their formation and operation. So in 2014, NIST, USA has created a Cyber-Physical System (further CPS) Community Working Group to bring together a wide range of professionals at an open, public forum to help identify and shape the main characteristics of the CPS to guide the design and implementation of “intelligent” programs in various areas, including smart production, transportation, energy and healthcare.

Моделювання досвіду користувача програмного забезпечення САПР накопиченням діалогової інформаційної діяльності

Approaches to the collection and accumulation of information parameters from user interface software CAD Software (on MEMS example) presented to further systematize and project evaluation to improve the quality of software user interfaces.

Formation and classification of quality indices for qualimetric evaluation of production of vegetable growing

Vegetables has a number of specific properties that aremanifested in consumption, storage and processing of vegetables. The study is the formation and systematization of quality vegetable products to develop common principles for the evaluation and determination of complex quality indicator taking into account the needs of different profiles of consumers.

Огляд і аналіз моделей надійності програмного забезпечення.

Оглянуто та проаналізовано моделі надійності програмного забезпечення. Наведено класифікацію моделей за різними критеріями. Особливу увагу зосереджено на моделях надійності, що враховують явище недосконалого відлагодження, зокрема на моделях на основі неоднорідного пуассонового процесу з використанням функцій розподілу зусиль тестування. Розглянуто основні функції розподілу зусиль тестування та проаналізовано їх інтеграцію з моделями надійності програмного забезпечення.