Methodological Recommendations for Digital Rating of Economic Indicators of Enterprises

The introduction of the economic rating will contribute to the centralization of control over the activities of economic entities by various state bodies. On the other hand, the economic rating will allow to avoid subjectivity in the evaluation of the economic activity of enterprises by state bodies and other subjects of economic activity and to establish a transparent and understandable work of the state bodies themselves for subjects of economic activity and society as a whole.

Application the modern rating tools in enterprises in the context of competitive positions analysis on foreign markets

The problem of forming a highly competitive national economy is currently key, as practice shows that the majority of domestic economic entities are uncompetitive on world markets, which is confirmed by the results of the ratings of leading international organizations, according to which Ukraine occupies one of the last places among the studied countries. That is why there is a need to investigate in detail the issue of rating enterprises both on the national and international markets.

Formation of Information Support for the Development of Freight Transportation of Jsc “Ukrzaliznytsya”

A methodical approach to the formation of indicators of the information base of management decisions on the development of freight JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”, which consists in calculating the taxonomy of the level of development of freight by substantiating systems and its elements: eighteen static systems, elements of which are six regional railways; seven dynamic systems — regional branches and in general JSC “Ukrzaliznytsia”. A spatial and temporal comparison of the development of freight transportation of selected systems is carried out.

Innovative Development and Human Capital of Ukraine: Trends, Problems and Prospects

The article is devoted to the study of the current state of scientific, technical and innovative activities in Ukraine based on the analysis of international rankings and domestic information sources, identifies the main problems that influence the innovative development of Ukraine and human capital, the developed methodical approaches to forecasting of evolution of personnel potential of domestic science for the next decades are analyzed..