Value of law: anthropological dimension

In the article the social value of law as the determining feature of the legal and social reality. The right is seen not only as a compulsory code of conduct in society, and as a full element of social reality that affects all of the structural system of social processes. In particular, the fundamental methodological problems studied law epistemological limits and possibilities of knowledge of law, the right relationship with the professional culture of lawyer, legal philosophical understanding of reality, unity of values and truth in the law.

Interpretation of values: praxeological aspect

The proposed article includes analysis of changes in interpretations of the nature of property rights in the process of scientific study. Category analyzed the social value of law aspects and determining influence on society. We study the types of the law society, the effects are determined by legal impact and their effectiveness. In particular, clarified the issuepraxeological aspect rights values in the life of society and established a set of factors required for the establishment of values in modern society.

Questions of counteraction to trading of people and fighting against illegal emigration in doha declaration of 2015

The brought positions over Doha declaration of 2015 was not limited, fastening in p. 8: “…We endeavour to enhance further international cooperation to stop the systematic exploitation of large numbers of individuals who are forced and coerced into a life of abuse and degradation. We therefore strive: …(i) To take appropriate measures to prevent and counter trafficking in

Problems of taking of function of guard of law and order are to the functions of the state

The article is devoted a decision the problems of taking of function of law and order to
the functions of the state, as domestic legal science so far did not offer the unique going near
determination and exposure of essence parameters of law and order

Value orientation and the sense of justice in the criminal behaviour of officials

The article is devoted to the analysis of value orientations and sense of justice in the
criminal behaviour of the officials. Notes the interaction between moral and legal attitudes of
officials. Summed up that strain of moral and legal consciousness leads to violations of the law

Spiritual and aesthetic aspects being professional lawyer: intelligible and sensyble comprehension

The article elucidates the role of the spiritual-aesthetic factor as one of the main elements
in the process of modeling professional being of a lawyer, which takes the part of the
personality self-creation and permeates his/her whole life. Nowadays the spiritual-aesthetic
factor is characterized by means of such concepts as a way of thinking, mentality, ideals and
values, aims, value orientations of a lawyer

The legal analysis of the changes introduced supreme soviet of ukraine in constitution of Ukraine

Research is sanctified to the questions of reformation of Constitution of Ukraine,consideration of project of Law of Ukraine “About making alteration in Constitution of Ukraine (in relation to plenary powers of public and local self-government authorities)”, brought in by President of Ukraine in Supreme soviet of Ukraine in 2014, to the legal analysis him substantive provisions and to making of corresponding suggestions in relation to introduction of offer changes.

Freedom of expression via printed massmedia: theoretical legalaspects

In the article it is analyzed legal basis for the freedom of expression with the help of printed mass media. Also, it is defined the notion of freedom of expression as a natural phenomena. It is accentuated on the particularities of freedom of expression via printed mass media protection by European Court of Human Rights. Besides, certain proposals concerning the improvement of the mechanizmof freedomof expression legal enforcement in Ukraine are elaborated.

Violence as a political and legal program in theoretical concepts of marxism and its social consequences

The problem of violence in the theoretical concepts of Karl Marx and Friadrich Engels, as political and legal program dictatorship of the proletariat, role of the army and police in bourgeois and socialist society, implementation of Marxist ideals dictatorship of the proletariat in the USSR and its social consequences.