Methodological dominant legal anthropology

: pp. 170 - 178

I. Matviychuk «Methodological dominant legal anthropology»

State Border Service of Ukraine

In the article the methodological principles of formation of legal anthropology. The analysis of the specific subject of philosophical and legal knowledge thoroughly analyzed funtsiyi legal anthropology. Vyyznacheno, legal anthropology - the science of man as a social being in its legal forms, dimensions, characteristics that examines the legal forms of social life of people from antiquity to the present. It was found that these features of legal anthropology as philosophical, methodological, reflective and information, axiological and educational coincide with the functions of philosophy of law, but not identical to them as filled with meaning and specificity caused by its own object and purpose resulting from anthropocentric orientation of legal anthropology. By discursive include diagnostic, prognostic, sotsiokontrolna, public address, axiological functions and the practical application functions include: institutionalization, humanization, personalization.

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