розпізнавання обличчя


The article is dedicated to the investigation of face identification methods and aims to determine the most suitable one for a security system based on facial recognition from surveillance cameras. The time costs of these methods and their robustness against geometric scale distortions and rotations in various planes have been analyzed. Custom datasets have been generated for experimentation purposes.

Establishment of a Facing Recognition System for Video Observation

In the article were researched the principles of building systems for observation and recognition of objects. Also we have given the classification of human faces recognition methods. Authors have analized the features of operetion for the progressive calibration network (PCN) for human face recognition. And finally has been created and tested the developed face recognition algorithm as the realized software system.

Intelligent Information System “Smart Lock” for the Protection of Apartments

Intelligent information system “Smart lock” for the protection of apartments is considered and described. A general description of smart homes and the relevance of their use is made. Described an issue which appear when using smart home devices. Examples of two existing similar models are provided: SmartLock and Schlage Sense Smart Lock. An analysis of their advantages and disadvantages is made to take this information into account for the device that going to be created. A brief description of up-to- date information on face recognition techniques is provided.

Алгоритм визначення форми губ під час артикуляції для української жестової мови

Розглянуто проблему розпізнавання артикуляції на зображенні обличчя. Пропонується метод розпізнавання артикуляції, оснований на методі активної моделі форми ASM. Метод протестований на відеозображеннях української жестової мови та на базі облич “BioID”.