Doctrine approaches to the disclousure of the concept of “Legal regulation”

Abstract. The establishment and maintenance of social order is an unconditional asset of civilization, an indicator of the civilized development of society. One of the valuable manifestations of the characteristic signs of the effectiveness of law in society is the appropriate legal order, which is achieved by means of influence, regulation, and provision. However, there is no doubt about the thesis that the valuable manifestation of regulation is a sign of stable social development.

Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of Isaiah Berlin's Article "The Purpose of Philosophy"

The foreword focuses on the life of Isaiah Berlin, his interests, as well as the article “The Purpose of Philosophy”, which is translated into Ukrainian for the first time. Isaiah Berlin's metaphilosophical reflections on philosophy are important for understanding what is the place of philosophy in the system of sciences, what tasks philosophy can solve. This article also explains the value of philosophy for society and man.

The Worldview Interpretations of Philosophy and the Problem of Its Scientific Status (Research Article)

 The article discusses the issue of the essence and scientific status of philosophy. The case is made that philosophy is essentially related to worldview, because it revolves around the most general questions about the world, a human being, and its place in the world – worldview questions, or Big Philosophical Questions. This does not mean that philosophy is a worldview, or a collection of worldviews, or a science about worldviews.

Training of Specialists of Higher Qualification of Mechanical Profile in Lviv Polytechnic

The history of the development of mechanics and a brief chronology of the creation and work of specialized scientific councils for the training of highly qualified personnel in the Lviv Polytechnic are presented, the main stages of their activity are singled out and characterized.

Innovative Development and Human Capital of Ukraine: Trends, Problems and Prospects

The article is devoted to the study of the current state of scientific, technical and innovative activities in Ukraine based on the analysis of international rankings and domestic information sources, identifies the main problems that influence the innovative development of Ukraine and human capital, the developed methodical approaches to forecasting of evolution of personnel potential of domestic science for the next decades are analyzed..

Evolution and Religious Experience. Review of Johan De Smedt’s and Helen De Cruz’s book "The Challenge of Evolution to Religion" - University Printing House, Cambridge, 2020. – 76 p.

The author of the review analyzes the book that focuses on three challenges of evolution to religion: teleology, origin of a human being, and the evolution of religion itself. De Smedt and Helen De Cruz show how these tensions arise and offer potential responses for religion. Individual religions can meet these challenges, if some of their metaphysical assumptions are adapted or abandoned.

Elements, Types and Consequences of Scientific Creativity. Foreword to the Ukrainian Translation of Jan Łukasiewicz’s article “Creativity in Science”

For the first time, the article “Creativity in Science” by Jan Łukasiewicz, a well-known representative of the Lviv-Warsaw School, logician and methodologist of science, was translated into Ukrainian. A well-known logician refutes the thesis that sciences exist only to reproduce facts and establish truths based on them. Sciences exist to meet the intellectual needs of man, which are manifested in his desire to understand. Reasoning is a creative act that includes demonstration, deduction, affirmation and understanding, as well as creation of hypotheses.

Specificity of Coverage of Scientific and Popular Thematics on the Example of “Science and Technology” (BBC Ukraine) and “Techno” (New Time)

The article deals with the specifics of the coverage of popular science materials on the site of the BBC Ukraine and Novoe Vremya in the sections “Science and Technology” and “Techno”. Content of headings, frequency of output of materials, genres, specificity is analyzed. Emphasis is placed on the special role of popular science journalism in educating a new generation of scientists.