Design of a short-time energy saving tank for light weight electric transport vehicles

The paper suggests the approach to the design of a short-time energy saving reservoir for light-weight electric transport vehicles. It is substantiated that the new product will be energysaving and will ensure gains in traction and braking force. CATIA was chosen as the most proper environment for the design as its libraries are the most suitable for machine-building.

A measuring system based on sensors of magnetic field and temperature with digital signal processing

The paper deals with the investigation of electro-physical properties of Si1-xGex whiskers; the possibility of their use as sensitive elements in magnetic field and temperature sensors is considered. The possible ways of improving the output characteristics of these sensors, particularly through the use of a measuring system with digital signal processing.

InSb microcrystals for sensor electronics

The processes of electron scattering on the short-range potential caused by interaction with polar and nonpolar optical phonons, piezoelectric and acoustic phonons, static strain centers and ionized impurities in n-InSb with the defect concentration of 3 ×1017 cm-3 are considered. The temperature dependences of electron mobility  ranged between 4,2 K and 500 К are calculated.

Peculiarities of Non-Stationary Pressure Measurement in Real Time

Nowadays, industrial development creates new and more complex processes leading to emergence of specific conditions for use of sensors and therefore specific measurement tasks. These circumstances lead to new requirements both for the methods of measurement and for sensors that implement these methods. Developments in microelectronic technologies and materials science have led to a significant number of types of pressure sensors.

The Algorithm of Sensor Network Lifetime Maximization Using the Concept of Virtual Nodes

One of the main problems of the requirements of quality of service of wireless sensor networks is to provide fault tolerance. Based on research on energy nodes and routing data, efficiency is paramount to increase the lifetime of the network [1]. In this paper an algorithm of network lifetime maximization is proposed as a promising solution towards a distributed application deployment in wireless sensor networks. There are three cost functions: reading, processing and transmission information; the concept of virtual nodes, which are copies of real nodes.

Optimization of Technological Parameters of Magazine Sensor for Nuts

The article deals with the general functioning of magazine for nuts, which provides the mechanized feeding of nuts into the head of the thread and screwed up device and their removal from the head during assembly and disassembly of threaded connections of machenes. The magazine is equipped with the signaling sensor of feed of nuts into the head, which contains the tore elastic ring. The sensor moves periodically together with the supplied nuts, due to their coverage on a hexagon by the internal deformed opening of the torus ring, when feeding the compressed air into it.

The Method of Signal Processing when Measuring Non-stationary Values

Nowadays the problem of quick-changing non-stationary values measurement is extremely actual in various modern technical systems (parameters control of engine combustion chamber, testing of aerospace complex products, scientific researches etc.). There are sufficiently effective ways of such measurement. However, increase in the speed of such methods is needed urgently. The attempt of finding the new approach to the problem of sensor output signal processing when measuring non-stationary values using the example of non-stationary pressure measurement by piezoresistive sensors is presented.