Srednepridnerovsky megablock

Results of monitoring hydrogeodynamics groundwater parameters in aseismic regions of Ukraine (Dnepropetrovsk region)

The preliminary interpretation results of monitoring data of hydrodynamic parameters of groundwater in Dnepropetrovsk region for the purpose of neotectonic changes forecast in the massifs are given. The necessity of creation the national data base of monitoring results of groundwater hydrodynamic parameters, executed at all regions of Ukraine, is pointed out.

Predictive cut of lithosphere of the central part of The Serednyoprydniprovskyy Megablock on geological and geophysical data

In 2005 the Dnepropetrovsk geophysical expedition ”Dneprogeofizika” had been performed profile works by methods of the audio-magnetotellurgic sounding (AМТS) and МТS in a complex with other geophysical methods in the central part of the Srednepridneprovsky megablock of the US. Observations were carried out by equipment "V-5 System 2000" of the Canadian company "Phoenix Geophysics Limited". The vertical differentiation of the lithosphere which is shown both in size of effective resistance, and in change of geoelectric anomaly from horizontal to essentially inclined has been established.