state formation

State Center of the Ukrainian National Republic and Patriarch Joseph Slipiy: restoration of independence in the spiritual dimension

The article highlights that the research topic is relevant in the context of preparations for the 30th anniversary of Ukraine’s independence. An in-depth comparative analysis of the political activity of the State Center of the Ukrainian National Republic in exile and the religious activity of Patriarch J. Slipy was carried out.

"State" and "statehood": on the problem of theoretical and legal and historical and legal content of concepts in the context of ukrainian (national) state formation

The urgency of the problem mentioned in the title is due to the need to understand the peculiarities of the formation and development of the state in Ukraine as a systemic phenomenon, the essential and necessary features of which reflect the concepts: “state”, “statehood” and “state formation”. Understanding the latter is important both for understanding the historical and legal features of Ukraine’s past, and for assessing the logic of modern political and social processes in our country.

Determination of elite influence on the processes of state formation of modern Ukraine

The article defines that the managerial elite plays an important role in the formation and development of the state in general, because it combines the functions of power with a significant material base and endowed with managerial capabilities. Thus, it is determined that the development of the state or its decline depends on the correctness of the action, as a result of which its key problems of activity, influence on the development of the country's processes are defined below, as a result of which key principles.