Subjects system administrative court of Ukraine

The article deals with the scientific and regulatory approaches to the definition of “subject  of  administrative  justice”,  the  classification  of  subjects  in  administrative  legal proceedings was studied. The legal status of the subjects of administrative legal proceedings depends directly on its legislative definition, but its implementation is connected with active or passive forms of execution of the functions of the parties, and other procedural participants in court proceedings.

Goal, task and principle of the administrative court of Ukraine in the modern stage of reforming the ukrainian judiciary

The article deals with issues of development of administrative justice, its purpose and principles. The process, which is carried out by an administrative court, acquires the meaning of administrative proceedings.

The right to freedom of peaceful assembly: to clarify the general theoretical characteristics

In the presented work the author has defined the general theoretical aspects of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.
In this work shows the analyses of concept, sense of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. Describes the main features of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly. Also, formulated proposals for the law of Ukraine to improve the mechanism of legal support of the right to freedom of peaceful assembly.

Public administration in economy

The article reveals the essence and purpose of state regulation of economy, the value of such management and prospects for improvement. The essence of state regulation of the economy comprehensively reveal its main functions, which are, on the one hand, a logical extension of the functions of the state, their concretization and the result of the failure of the market mechanism of self-regulation and monopolistic regularity to ensure stable development of the economic system.