Financial market conditions as determinants of economic region


Iwaszczuk N.L, Solovei T.

Revealed that the analysis of the modern economy can not be considered sufficient without interrelated analysis of the financial market, which is currently the most dynamic in its development and provides the rotation of securities of the real economy.
This article was made an overview of the basic instruments and elements of the financial system in Poland. The share of individual entities (its component) was analyzed. The dynamics of the Polish financial system assets values to GDP ratio compared to other countries were examined. Money market and capital market have been examined separately, in terms of types of traded instruments and their total value in recent years. The relationship between the state of the financial market and economic development of the country was analyzed.
Argued that the stock market provides the efficiency of capital mobilization and allocation, as it provides a lower cost of capital and contributes to the implementation of innovations and new technologies and improve business efficiency. Based on the above, rightly, that the organization of a well-functioning capital market facilitates corporate restructuring, an important feature of which is the fact that he has no political boundaries, as opposed to the real economy