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Public participation as a key principle of the openness of the judiciary: genesis and globalization aspects

Annotation. The article analyzes the historical-legal and recent globalization trends in the development of the principle of public participation as a factor of judicial openness.

It was established that open governance guarantees transparency, accountability and openness of government, while simultaneously increasing opportunities for citizen participation. It has been proven that it is in demand in the exercise of judicial power.

Principles of justice as the basis of the functioning of the court system

The article analyzes the principles of justice as the basis for the functioning of the judicial system. It is noted that in recent years there has been increased scientific interest in the guarantees of the realization of everyone's constitutional right to judicial protection, as well as the theoretical bases and principles (fundamentals) of the administration of justice.

Judicial reform in Ukraine: european integration approaches

The article is devoted to the study of the need to reform the judiciary in Ukraine as an opportunity for further European integration of the state.

An analysis of the stages of reform that took place from 1991 to 2015 to date and highlights their positive and negative consequences.

To clearly understand the research topic, a distinction was made between the concepts of "reform", "reform", "judiciary", "judiciary", "judiciary" and "judicial system", using the rules of current legislation and different views of scholars.

Public control in the process of democratization of the judicial system of Ukraine

The article attempts to reveal the essence of public control as a factor in the democratization of the judiciary in Ukraine. It has been found that public control is an essential factor in the democratization of any institution. It is proved that active public control over the judiciary can be a significant impetus to create an efficient and fair judiciary, ensure openness and transparency of the judiciary, which in turn will increase public confidence in the judiciary.

Аспекти процесуального права в політико-правових поглядах С. Ю. Десницького

Розглянуто внесок С. Ю. Десницького в дослідження та розроблення аспектів
реформування державно-політичного устрою та судової системи в другій половині XVIII
ст., а також про місце та принципи процесуального права у функціонуванні державно-
правового механізму.