Principles of justice as the basis of the functioning of the court system

: 30-37
Bohiv Y. "Principles of justice as the basis of the functioning of the court system."

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article analyzes the principles of justice as the basis for the functioning of the judicial system. It is noted that in recent years there has been increased scientific interest in the guarantees of the realization of everyone's constitutional right to judicial protection, as well as the theoretical bases and principles (fundamentals) of the administration of justice. It is emphasized that the constitutional model of state power, which is carried out on the basis of the division of independent bodies of legislative, executive and judicial power, caused new incentives for the development of the Ukrainian court in the general system of state authorities.

It is emphasized that the level of trust of the population in the authorities is determined by many factors, in particular, the effectiveness of the protection of the rights and freedoms of a person and a citizen by judicial bodies. It is indicated that Ukraine has already taken certain steps to form an effective justice system, including defining the concept of judicial power and reforming the judicial system. Emphasis is placed on the fundamental change in the status of the court as a result of strengthening its autonomy and independence, which led to the need to create new forms of the judicial system and judicial procedure based on universally recognized principles of justice. The theoretical foundations, content and nature of these principles are revealed in relation to their impact on judicial activity.

Some aspects related to the international consolidation of generally recognized principles of the activity of judicial bodies in a number of internationally recognized documents are considered. It was emphasized that Ukraine, as a legal, democratic, social state, which is steadily approaching the accession to the European community, builds justice in our state on the basis of universally recognized principles, which were reflected at the level of the Basic Law – the Constitution of Ukraine, and also received further implementation in the laws that regulate the activities of judicial bodies. It has been established that the principles of law, as well as the principles of judicial procedure, expressing the goals and objectives of law, its most general essence, abstract form, being the starting point, the starting element, determine the legal reality.

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