supernatural law

Existential fundamentals of church law

Church law is often identified with canon law, just as the spirit is taken for the soul. In this regard, scientific discussions are taking place, as a result of which there is a search, research interests. We will begin with an analysis of two problems: 1) the categories of dialectics, which fix the degree of unity and difference between scientific concepts and 2) the metaanthropological components of human existence. That is, we will study ecclesiastical law from the standpoint of two alternative concepts - dialectics and metaphysics.

Natural and legal justification of time

The article examines the natural and legal justification of time, as well as the temporal justification of natural law, which is reflected in the author's definitions. It is argued that time contributes to the acquisition of natural and supernatural values, and human problems can be solved by ontologically formed natural law, which governs it. In the religious concept of time, natural law had a sacred character and the understanding of time dictated the formation of natural law.