tourism industry


The article reveals the meaning of "tourism" and presents the classification of its varieties. The tourist flows and tourism competitiveness index of Ukraine are analyzed in this research.  The most attractive types of modern tourism and its issues are considered by the authors. The main obstacles of the tourist business in Ukraine and possible ways how to solve them are outlined. Much attention is paid to the essential types of tourism activities that contribute to its further development and characterize the problems of modern tourism in Ukraine.

Some questions of the tourism activity regulation in Ukraine

The article outlines the problems that exist in the tourism industry. The main problems
in the modern system of organization of tourism in Ukraine are as follows: lack of an extensive
system of information support activities of the industry; insufficiently effective use of the
Internet to inform tourists; low quality tourist services; insufficient organizational provision of
tourists at crossing borders; low level of advertising on tourist activities and the presence of
violations in the provision of services to tourists.

Tourism as a system

Understanding tourism as a systemic phenomenon is connected with the necessity of structuring the totality of its economic elements and relationships among them to solve basic problems that exist in the tourism sector today. A systematic approach is key to the effective management of tourism at all levels. 
In the work highlighted two main objectives: to explore the most famous in the world practice of economic system model of tourism; to develop its own model of economic information systems 

In order to study the theoretical foundations and applied problems of predicting man-made damage to the national economy and methods of management at the state level in paper there is summarizes the theoretical foundations of the application of fuzzy sets

Tourism is an essential sector of every country in contemporary conditions of management. This is because tourism is one of the most dynamic and profitable sectors of the world economy, which helps to increase and spread economic, social and culture relations.