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The article reveals the meaning of "tourism" and presents the classification of its varieties. The tourist flows and tourism competitiveness index of Ukraine are analyzed in this research.  The most attractive types of modern tourism and its issues are considered by the authors. The main obstacles of the tourist business in Ukraine and possible ways how to solve them are outlined. Much attention is paid to the essential types of tourism activities that contribute to its further development and characterize the problems of modern tourism in Ukraine.

The tourist situation in Ukraine has been analyzed and it can be said without a doubt that our country is provided with the necessary types of recreational resources for complete rest and health improvement of the population. Besides, a significant number of them have not only domestic but either international significance.

The most promising types of tourist activities in Ukraine are recreational tourism, medical tourism, ecotourism and business tourism. It is determined that Ukraine is one of the most attractive countries in medical tourism due to low prices, appropriate quality, availability of medical care and professional specialists. More than that, special attention is paid to the new and perspective type of tourism known as business tourism, which can enrich incomes of tourism activities.

However, the development of the tourism industry and its types in Ukraine has many obstacles. Some of them require immediate decision-making. It should be emphasized that to become a leader among the countries with advanced tourism, it is necessary not only to solve all problems but also to be adapted to the modern conditions of a rapidly accelerating pace of life.

To overcome the problems and challenges that exist in the tourism industry, it is necessary to encourage internal and external investments. And this, in its turn, will allow tourist complexes to be reconstructed and modernized. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the transport service in Ukraine by world standards of quality and comfort. A vital problem that needs an immediate solution is the low quality of tourist service. Working in the tourism industry employees must have up-to-date professional competencies, perfect communication skills; understand customer behavior and their motives.

Considering the peculiarities of the tourism industry and the tourist attractiveness of Ukraine, we can outline that our country has unique natural resources and opportunities for the development of this economic sphere.

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