In order to study the theoretical foundations and applied problems of predicting man-made damage to the national economy and methods of management at the state level in paper there is summarizes the theoretical foundations of the application of fuzzy sets

Anhelko I.V.

Tourism is an essential sector of every country in contemporary conditions of management. This is because tourism is one of the most dynamic and profitable sectors of the world economy, which helps to increase and spread economic, social and culture relations.
 Many scientists conduct their research in the tourism industry. However, notwithstanding some success in the study of tourism industry as a motive force of social and economic development of country, certain questions are left aside and they require more detailed study regarding the prospects of development of national tourism in the current conditions of national economy. 
On the basis of complex analysis the author has analyzed the current situation of tourism in the system of national economic complex of Ukraine, explained its peculiarities and showed the prospects of development in the future. In particular, the article tells that tourism in Ukraine, as well as in the world, becomes more important for economy and social sector; it influences such sectors of economy as transport, trade, communication, construction, agriculture, production of consumer goods and is one of the most promising areas of economic restructuring, which supports national traditions, encourages the development of folk revival recipes exciting and tasty dishes, requires the preservation of nature and the creation of favorable social conditions for its operation.
It has been defined that there were all preconditions for development of tourism industry in Ukraine. Analysis of streams of tourists indicates the priority line of development of incoming and domestic tourism, which is an important factor for improvement of the quality of life in Ukraine, formation of additional jobs, replenishment of currency reserves of the state and enhancing of its authority on international stage.  
The author generalized the fact that despite considerable potential, tourism industry in Ukraine has many problems, the solution of which will improve the prospects of its development in the near future. The prospects of development of travel industry in Ukraine is closely related to formation of new state approach to tourism as sector, the priority development of which will positively influence economic and social situation of the country, stimulate important sectors of economy, contribute in enhancing of positive image of Ukraine on the global stage.