tourism infrastructure

Особливості побудови інформаційних технологій моделювання процесів розвитку туристичних та інфокомунікаційних комплексів

In this research a number of important scientific and applied problems associated with the development of information technology for simulation based on physical analogies for objects of tourism industry and information and communication infrastructure are solved. The processes of integration of these technologies n an appropriate information system modeling for the study and construction of effective tourism and information and commu¬nication systems.

Intelligent system for sightseeing tours content analysis

An intelligent system for sightseeing tour was developed. Using the results of sightseeing tours analysis the knowledge base was created for advisory program tool for tour route selection and real-time tracking. An analysis of recent researches in data mining of tourist spatial movement was made. Program tools for data collection, processing and analysis of movement and tourist expenditures during the sightseeing tour were developed.

Trends of hotel industry development in Lviv region

Basic parameters of the hotel industry in Lviv Region are analysed. The structure of the hotel  industry  is  investigated  according  to  the  types  of  hotels,  non-permanent  capacity, territorial location, categories, served segments. The results of activities of categorized placing facilities are assessed. Trends of hotel industry development in Lviv Region are discovered.