The National Strategy and the National Waste Management Plan in Ukraine until 2030, the regional
program for solid waste management in the Ternopil region for 2018-2020 on the reality of conducting key infrastructure measures and achieving the desired result for society are studied. An improved version of the solid waste management scheme in the Ternopil region and a suitable scheme for solid waste management in the city of Ternopil within the regional complexes for the municipal waste recovery are proposed and the sources of their financing are substantiated.

Effective development and functioning of the market of medical services in the conditions of globalization and integration processes in health

The author clarified the concept of “medical service” identified the characteristics and features of medical services. Define the role and place of health services in the health system. It is proved that an important condition for the development of medical services market in Ukraine is strengthening the innovation capacity of the health system.

Vibrocavitation decontamination of brewing yeast-containing wastewater

One of the promising ways to solve the problems of environmental safety is the creation of highly efficient methods of wastewater decontamination and destruction of organic compounds in them. The electromagnetic vibration cavitator was created to treat brewing wastewater. The efficiency of vibrocavitation treatment technology for the food industry was studied. The highest degree of decontamination from biological and organic contaminants was found to be provided by the combined action of vibrocavitation and related processing of gases, nitrogen in particular.