university education

The modus of forming the legal culture of youthin the university environment

It is noted that the university education, which forms a modern creative personality, is a future
specialist in globalized economic relations, a member of the newest elite of Ukrainian society and an active
citizen of the rule of law. Therefore, modern university education in Ukraine aims to become a means,
potential and resource for the development and development of the state, both informational and legal.
However, lack of legal awareness of Ukrainian citizenship has often been, and is, a significant cause of

Remote study as a question of modern university education: philosophical and legal measurement

In the article, we found that the rapid application of distance learning technologies
guarantees higher education institutions: a significant increase in the subjects of the
educational process (organization of training for a wide audience - simultaneous involvement
of a large number of students); a significant reduction in the cost of organizing the educational
process (no rent of premises, savings of utility bills, etc.); a significant increase in the quality of

Historical and legal features of development higher education in Ukraine (XVII–XIX centuries)

The article analyzes the historical development of higher education in Ukraine during the XVII–XIX centuries, its historical and legal peculiarities are determined. Particular attention is paid to the formation and development of humanitarian university education, which laid the foundation for domestic higher education and served as a source of leading ideas over several centuries of its development.

Support of the Students Entrepreneurial Intentions Within the Higher Education System

Entrepreneurial intentions refer to a state of mind that directs and guides the actions of the individual toward the development and implementation of a new business concept. Educational support is perceived as a determinant of entrepreneurial intentions, for the reason of providing the students with necessary knowledge about entrepreneurship.

The main aim of this article is to present the role of university education in shaping the entrepreneurial intentions among students in Ukraine and Poland and the forms of university support which students prefer when start own business.