Procedures for Assessing the Quality of Electronic Learning Resources Using Petal Diagrams

The concept of visualization of the results of expert evaluation of the quality of electronic learning resources is considered. Much attention is paid to petal diagrams and their use in the visualization process. The algorithm for calculating the area of the petal diagram and the influence of the order of parameters on the area of each petal are described. The criteria for assessing the quality of e-learning resources and their weights for each of the experts are presented. The roles of experts with weighting factors are shown.

Information System Supporting Decision-making Processes for Forming of Securities Portfolio

Due to large-scale changes in the economy in the world and in Ukraine in particular, there has recently been a significant increase in interest in the problems of investment theory. An example is the intensification in recent years of the purchase of shares of large international companies and cryptocurrencies and, according to the rapid growth of their values. It is known that as a special case, the theory of investment considers the task of optimizing investment portfolios.


The article is about the fact that in modern mass-media photos more and more often become not only a visual background to informative, analytical or journalistic text, but as headlines attract attention of audience. Such kind of approach increases quality requirements of illustrative material in modern periodicals because popularity of texts which are published in newspapers and magazines depends on that. Some separate photos might become a kind of visual factage which does not need any verbal explanation. 

Provision of Data Visualization Process of Open Systems Environment

The article describes the features of the process of displaying data presented in matrix form on the plane. Analysis of known methods of data visualization that showed a lack of mechanisms from the correct data displays presented by matrices with the provision of visualization criteria was conducted. Considering this fact, the following methods were proposed: the display of ID tags; modelling between vertex distance and the location of tops in terms of ease of perception and evaluation.