: 7-14
Lviv Polytechnic National University

The article is about the fact that in modern mass-media photos more and more often become not only a visual background to informative, analytical or journalistic text, but as headlines attract attention of audience. Such kind of approach increases quality requirements of illustrative material in modern periodicals because popularity of texts which are published in newspapers and magazines depends on that. Some separate photos might become a kind of visual factage which does not need any verbal explanation. 

A lot of attention is paid to the role, purpose and features of photos for news as a genre of modern photojournalism.

A short review of sources of research issues is made in the article. The author has considered the main definitions and features of news photography as one of the main informative genres of modern pictural journalism. It is accented on the fact that modern photojournalists have to orientate not only in genres of photojournalism but also to be able to use them in everyday practice. Here you can find views of photojournalism theorists on the condition of news photography. In the article are given recommendations of photojournalists practitioners and workers of information agencies on the main requirements of producing photos in this genre.

In the article process of producing news photos and their use in modern periodical publications are considered. The author emphasizes on the quality of such pictures and their place in visual accompaniment of informative text.

In the summary are given recommendations on preparation of photojournalists who are going to work in the genre of news photography.

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