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The impact of war on the rules of implementation of public-private partnership in the cultural sector of Ukraine

Formulation of the problem. Public-private partnership is an effective mechanism for providing additional resources for the development of culture, and in Ukraine, this mechanism can help restore destroyed infrastructure objects and ensure a proper level of protection of cultural heritage in the conditions of armed conflict. However, successful implementation of such a partnership requires compliance with certain regulatory, legal, and financial-economic conditions, and the state must be a leading partner in this process.

Legal principles of the organization and exercise of public authority in Ukraine under the conditions of marital state

The article analyzes the legal framework for the organization and exercise of public authority in Ukraine under martial law. It is found that public authority is exercised in various forms by a wide range of authorized entities.

Current issues of legal regulation of financial relations under the conditions of martial state in Ukraine

The article clarifies the issue of legal regulation of financial relations during martial law in Ukraine. Changes in the powers of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, the Minister of Finance of Ukraine, the State Treasury Service of Ukraine, the National Bank of Ukraine, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, military administrations, and local bodies during this period were considered.

National police as a component of the security and defence sector in countering russian aggression in Ukraine

Based on theoretical and legal analysis, the article summarizes the peculiarities of police activity as a component of the security and defence sector during the period of russian aggression.  

Education right: features of realization during the war in Ukraine

It has been found that in the context of russian aggression, the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine uses the Sectoral Working Group «Education and Science» as a dialogue with the widest possible range of partners and friends of Ukraine to form an international coalition in support of Ukrainian education and science. It can be stated that in Ukraine the right to education is ensured as a martial law with its certain restrictions.

State policy of activisation of economic development during war and post-war periods

Formulation of the problem. In the conditions of a full-scale war, economic development transforms into the manual mode of governmental regulation. The state policy of post-war economic development should take into account the priority of the development of those branches of the national economy, which will allow to organize the obtaining of the maximum added value for the least expenditure of resources.

The role of fundraising in the context of expanding sources of financing for the initiatives of domestic business entities: international experience and peculiarities of implementation in the wartime

During the last eight years, since the beginning of the Russian-Ukrainian war, some volunteer organizations that were created to help the Ukrainian army were able not only to expand  their activities, but also to transform into charitable organizations with a defined management structure and areas of activity. In order to ensure the effective functioning of such entities, it is necessary to attract constantly financial resources, in particular, for medium- and long-term planning of their work. Fundraising is one of the ways to accumulate resources, particularly financial.

On some features of labor relations during marital state

On February 24, 2022, a new extremely difficult period for our state began. On the same day, the President of Ukraine signed Decree No. 64/2022 «On the introduction of martial law in Ukraine». People's deputies approved this document with 300 votes. This decision was made in connection with the military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and based on the proposal of the National Security and Defense Council and Ukrainian legislation.

Law enforcement activities and martial status:moral and legal features

It has found that during the war it is important to find a moral and legal balance of the development and existence of society, which will help to "keep" society in a state of lawful behavior not because of fear of punishment, but on the basis of understanding one's own moral responsibility not only before the law, but also before the next generations.