X-ray fluorescence analysis

Study on Regularities of Polyethylene Waste Low-Temperature Pyrolysis

A low-temperature pyrolysis with pyrocondensate as a target product is one of the options for processing polyethylene waste. The fractional composition and properties of the pyrocondensate obtained at different temperatures and times were studied. Pyrocondensate was separated into gasoline, diesel fractions, and the residue. The composition and properties of mentioned fractions were established and related to the conditions of the pyrolysis process. X-ray fluorescence analysis of pyrocondensate and narrow fractions isolated from it was carried out.

Study on the Purification Process of Used Motor Oils in the Presence of Crystalline Urea

The paper deals with the results of the study on the purification process of used mineral and semi-synthetic motor oils in the presence of crystalline urea. The effect of the process main factors (the amount of the main reagent, time, and temperature) on the performance indicators of purified motor oils was studied. Used mineral and semi-synthetic motor oils for gasoline and diesel engines were purified under the established optimal conditions.

Study on the Composition and Properties of Pyrolysis Pyrocondensate of Used Tires

A low-temperature pyrolysis, the target product of which is pyrocondensate, is one of the options for the recycling usedtires. The fractional composition and properties of pyrocondensate of rubber waste pyrolysis obtained at an industrial plant have been studied. The pyrocondensate was separated into gasoline, diesel fraction and residue. The composition and properties of obtained productswere determined using X-ray fluorescence analysis and IR spectroscopic studies.

Study on the Properties of Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil Castrol 10W-40 after Use in a Diesel Engine

The changes in operational and physico-chemical properties of original and used semi-synthetic motor oil Castrol 10W-40 before and after its use in a diesel engine have been investigated. Derivatographic studies were carried out to examine a thermal stability; IR spectroscopy was used to confirm the presence of oil aging products. The composition of the inorganic part of the studied semi-synthetic oils was established by X-ray fluorescence analysis.

Integrated Regeneration Method for Used Mineral Motor Oils

The scheme of the integrated regeneration method for used mineral motor oils (UMMO) has been developed, according to which M-10DM and NORMAL 15W40 used oils were regenerated. A study on changes in physico-chemical properties, qualitative and elemental composition was carried out, and a mathematical model of the process was built. The further applications of the obtained products were proposed. Based on the obtained results, the technological scheme and flow chart of UMMO integrated regeneration were developed, and the process material balance was calculated.