Principles of creation of visual editor of XML and JSON formats

This article considers the peculiarities of the perception of large amounts of textual information, and analyzes the needs for visual editing. The implementation of a software product that works with XML and JSON formats and provides graphical and color highlighting of the main elements of the syntax.

Parsing the text of terminology dictionaries

The article outlines a range of tasks, approaches and stages of developing parsing technology for text of a multilingual explanatory terminology dictionary. Research was conducted for the “Dictionary of Ukrainian Biological Terminology”. Among all the vocabulary diversity, this dictionary was chosen because terminology dictionaries provide a lexical-semantic basis for further creation of systems for the intelligent processing of professional texts, which provide information on specific subject areas.

Development of macro-parametric method for integration of heterogeneous CAD systems and structure of integrated computer-aided design subsystem for MEMS motion sensors

In the paper, a macro-parametric method for integration of heterogeneous CAD systems for MEMS motion sensors is proposed. A structure of an integrated design subsystem for MEMS motion sensors is developed based on the proposed macro-parametric method.

Errors in cadastral data exchange files – case study

Purpose. Given the importance of the land cadastre, the quality of the cadastral exchange file plays an extremely important role, both for the land cadastre and for all other cadastres as a whole. Despite the widespread use of cadastral XML exchange file formats in the field of land management, the lack of a sufficient understanding of the conceptual peculiarities of this thesaurus does not allow us to fully disclose its potential or functionally improve the cadastral exchange file and cadastral system of Ukraine.