Legal policy regarding domestic violence in certain ethno-national groups (on the example of the roma)

: 257-262

Iryna Andrusiak "Legal policy regarding domestic violence in certain ethno-national groups (on the example of the roma)".

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article is devoted to the study of the legal problem of domestic violence in certain ethno-national groups on the example of the Roma by determining the peculiarities of the status of Roma women and presenting proposals for legal regulation of the problem.

It has been proven that women of the Roma national minority are in a special risk group of becoming victims of domestic violence. Deeply rooted in social and cultural norms, domestic violence remains one of the most urgent and complex problems of our time. The following characteristic features of domestic violence in Roma groups are identified, which are determined by social and cultural and mental factors of the life of this national minority: Roma women can experience violence from a wide group of men of the entire Roma community; domestic violence is provoked by a special way of managing the economy, lack of proper infrastructure and living conditions; Roma remain one of the poorest groups in modern society, which is an additional factor in domestic violence; Roma women are characterized by cross-discrimination (multi-discrimination) on several grounds; social alienation and isolation of Roma causes a low level of education, fear of public authorities, mistrust of the law enforcement and judicial system.

The author proposed changes to the legislation. In particular, the update of the national strategy for promoting the realization of the rights and opportunities of persons belonging to the Roma national minority in Ukrainian society for the period up to 2030. It is proposed to define additional goal #9, which consists in overcoming the problem of domestic violence in Roma communities and ensuring gender inequality of women of the Roma national minority. To fulfill this goal, specific tasks are proposed,

In the conclusion, it is noted that the fight against domestic violence is the task of every member of the global community, since only unified single-centered efforts can create conditions for an optimal combination of managerial, legal, cultural, public interests in the context of their integration into social reality and overcoming negative social problems that provoke deviant behavior.

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