Characteristics of national security of Ukraine during the period of marital state: goals, challenges and strategy

Mayya PYVOVAR, Alina PANKO "Characteristics of national security of Ukraine during the period of marital state: goals, challenges and strategy".

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology
Lviv Polytechnic National University

Abstract. This scientific article is devoted to the improvement of public administration in the sphere of national security of Ukraine, the corresponding goals, challenges and strategy. The essence of the concept of "national security", its components and influencing factors, as well as the concept of "system of ensuring national security" are systematically analyzed. An analysis of such a strategic document as the National Security Strategy of Ukraine adopted by the Decision of the National Security and Defense Council dated September 14, 2020 and introduced by the Decree of the President of Ukraine dated September 14, 2020, including the intended goals of ensuring national security, was carried out. The article also highlights the challenges that faced the system of state management of national security of Ukraine at the beginning of Russia's military aggression in 2014, but remain relevant today. In general, this article is important for understanding and improving the system of state management of national security of Ukraine in the conditions of modern global challenges and threats. The security and defense sector was analyzed, including the role of the Security Service of Ukraine in the field of security and defense.

Today, some legislative acts do not fully correspond to the current security situation in Ukraine. The National Security Council must constantly update the national security strategy, the set of measures to ensure it, as well as constantly create conditions for increasing the effectiveness of the organizational and legal support of the entire national security and defense system. In this way, it will make it possible to protect the state sovereignty, territorial integrity and national interests of Ukraine, in conditions of war. Every manifestation of Russian aggression makes it obvious that its goal is not just the seizure of Ukrainian territories, but the destruction of national identity and the genocide of the Ukrainian people. Russia officially denies the existence of Ukrainians as a separate nation. At the same time, at the beginning of the invasion, the Kremlin made a bet not only on the army, but also on the intelligence and subversive activities of its special services and sabotage and terrorist work, cyber attacks and the spread of disinformation.

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