History of infringement of rights under the law in force in the ukrainian lands in 11th–18th centuries

: pp. 51 - 57
Zaporizhzhya National Technical University

The article historical and legal analysis of infringement of rights under the law in force in the Ukrainian lands in the 11th–18th centuries. It is concluded that the first wine life deprived of all human rights and civil rights, which led to his complete all injustice and so-called “political” or “civic death”. Over time, the trend of narrowing the rights denied convicted, and reducing their term. Defeat rights were directed not against personal dignity as a person convicted but against those goods that belonged to him as a citizen. Natural was the idea of getting rid of a man who had violated the rules of behavior, social structure, and the rights which it enjoyed as a member of society. The defeat was applied as rights to punish the guilty and to protect him from other members of society.

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