Тhe legal and historical causes of the conflict in the former Yugoslavia and in the east of Ukraine and their comparison

: pp. 51-55

A. Teteruk «The legal and historical causes of the conflictin the former Yugoslavia and in the east of Ukraineand their comparison» http://science.lpnu.ua/law/all-volumes-and-issues/volume-2-number-865-14...

Navchal'no-naukovyy instytut prava im. knyazya Volodymyra Velykoho

The article examines the historical and legal reasons for the conflict in the former
Yugoslavia in comparison with the conflict in eastern Ukraine. It is proved that in some cases
the some causes of conflict coincide but the primarily cause is that the leading nation try to prevent the release of a smaller nation with its sphere of influence. However, there are many
other reasons that can be attributed to the historical and legal causes that contributed to the
start of both conflicts. It was determined that both conflicts include both political and other
aspects, but in some areas they are different.

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