The terminological interaction «aggression-aggressiveness» in the philosophical and legal discourse

: 100-106
Іnstitute law, psychology and innovative education Lviv Polytechnic National University Department of Civil Law and Procedure

The article conceptualizes the essence of aggression as a philosophical and legal phenomenon and reveals the specifics of the terminological interaction "aggression-aggressiveness". The distinction between the concepts of "aggression" and "aggressiveness" indicates that, on the one hand, not all aggressive actions of the subject are actually based on the aggressiveness of the person as a trait, on the other hand, the aggressiveness of a person does not always manifest itself in clearly aggressive actions. Manifestation or non-manifestation of aggressiveness as a personal trait in certain acts of behavior is always the result of a complex interaction of transsituational and situational factors. It turns out that aggression is organically connected with violence and is its natural basis, just as for human society - social matter, the basis is the natural environment, in particular, living matter, in which aggression is a mandatory attribute, but aggression as a phenomenon is not identical to violence, as living matter and social matter are not identical.

It is noted that there are many scientific definitions for the category of "aggression", however, researchers often confuse the concepts of "aggression" and "aggressiveness" (that is, a form of behavior and a personal trait), others are too narrow and do not cover all types and forms of aggressive behavior ( direct and indirect aggression, physical and verbal, active and passive, hostile and instrumental, rational and affective, direct and displaced, constructive and destructive, proactive and reactive, socialized and antisocial, etc.), the third, on the contrary, are too broad and include such actions , which are mostly not considered as aggression. It is concluded that aggression is actions that cause damage or lead to the destruction of animate or inanimate object; direct or indirect use of armed force, attack. Aggressiveness is a relatively stable personality trait, the subject's readiness for aggressive behavior.

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Khrystyna Maksym "The terminological interaction «aggression-aggressiveness» in the philosophical and legal discourse"