Criminal-law and criminological aspects of domestic violence

: 144-148

Humin O. M., Yosypiv A. O. "Criminal-law and criminological aspects of domestic violence"

Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology Lviv Polytechnic National University, Head of Department of Criminal Law Doctor of Law, Professor
associate professor of criminal law and criminology of Lviv state University of internal affairs candidate of legal sciences, associate professor

The article is devoted to the study of domestic violence issues from the criminal and
criminological point of view. It is noted that nowadays there is a need for a systematic analysis
of the sphere of family and household relations, since new criminologically significant factors
have emerged in this sphere, as well as those factors that have previously acted intensified,
which affected the quantitative and qualitative features of family-domestic relations. Provides
that the amendments to the Criminal code of Ukraine and the introduction of thus criminal
responsibility for domestic violence was a significant step in overcoming the problem of the
state scale, and allowed to talk about domestic violence not as a General concept and a specific
offence. Analysis of judgements in this category of cases has shown that the vast majority of
the court appoints punishment in the form of public works, violent acts were committed in a
condition of alcoholic intoxication, and also the fact that most of the victims were entered into
a conciliation agreement with the person.

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