Trends and features of judicial practice research in Ukraine

: 104-110

Tarnavska M. "Trends and features of judicial practice research in Ukraine"

Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

The article attempts to move from purely theoretical research on the role of judicial practice in Ukraine to more practical aspects of this issue. It is stated that, taking into account the provisions of procedural codes, legal conclusions of the Supreme Court, it is inevitable to live in the center of respect for scientists (it should be noted that legal practitioners began to study this area earlier and intensify it for scientists). It is emphasized that the array of court decisions, given the different legal significance of court decisions of different instances, is heterogeneous in terms of research. Thus, in comparison with the decisions of other courts, the legal conclusions of the Supreme Court are of special importance, as they are part of the mechanism for ensuring the unity of judicial practice. Interestingly, at the same time, they are able to radically change the peculiarities of the application of certain laws, even if their text has not changed since its adoption. As for the decisions of other courts, although they are not as important as the legal conclusions of the Supreme Court, they are still of interest to scholars, as they are valuable empirical material. In particular, both in terms of law enforcement and in terms of legal sociology and anthropology. It is stated that such an array, in particular: 1) reflects a certain way of thinking, legal awareness of citizens of Ukraine and judges in particular; 2) demonstrates certain trends, negative or positive; 3) indicates the application or non-application of the case law of the ECtHR by domestic courts and the quality of such application. Emphasis is placed on the fact that as of today the Supreme Court has developed a new structure of its decisions, where the position of the Grand Chamber of the Supreme Court and the conclusion on the application of the rule of law are highlighted separately in the text; in case of discrepancy between the legal conclusions, the latest of them should be applied; the consequence of non-application of the conclusions of the Supreme Court is the cancellation of the decision. The analysis of court decisions for the application of ECtHR practice in them is mentioned separately. It was stated that over time, the number of court decisions of Ukrainian courts, which cite or mention certain decisions of the European Court, has increased. However, not all of them can be considered an example of quality and proper use of this tool.

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