Independence of prosecutors as a principle of prosecutors activity

: 153-158
Lviv Polytechnic National University Institute of Law, Psychology and Innovative Education

The article considers the principles of the prosecutor’s office, compliance with which ensures the implementation of prosecutorial activities and decision-making within the current legislation. The basic ideas are determined by the functions, purpose and tasks of the prosecutor’s office, which relate to all areas of its activities, determine the organizational basis for building the prosecutorial system, the conditions of its operation, selection of candidates for prosecutor, and legal and moral norms of conduct of officials. powers. It is emphasized that the principle of independence of prosecutors is closely related to other principles of organization and activity of the prosecutor's office, enshrined in Art. 3 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Prosecutor's Office", and is important for the proper functioning of the prosecutor's office. The essence of the principle of independence of prosecutors is to ensure the absence of illegal political, material or other influence on the prosecutor to make decisions in the performance of official duties in order to ensure the implementation of the tasks assigned to him. Only if independence is ensured is the prosecutor's office able to perform its tasks at the appropriate level and perform certain functions. Instead, ignoring these requirements reduces the effectiveness of the prosecutor's office's protection of human rights and freedoms, the general interests of society and the state.

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Shulhan I. "Independence of prosecutors as a principle of prosecutors activity"