Diversity and dynamism of legal life as a basis for the development of legal argumentation

Head Investigation Department the prosecutor's office in Lviv region
Lviv Polytechnic National University, Institute of Jurisprudence and Psychology

It is argued that the current legal norms are closely related and consistent, ie acquire the property of consistency, which is legally introduced into law. It is established that positive law is nothing but a system of legal norms in force in society. When establishing new legal norms, the legislative body must coordinate them with the existing ones. Nevertheless, isolated from other similar legal norms of the single order, legal norms cannot be implemented outside the regulatory system, and their internal potential will not be claimed. Only with an established and well-functioning legal system is stable and productive regulation of basic social relations possible.

It is established that the power and vital importance of law is largely manifested in its dynamics, ie in its sufficient operational mobility, in the tendency to timely changes in legislation that do not meet the new requirements of life. It is proved that in the context of fundamental reforms and transformations affecting the main aspects of public life, legislation and legislation must have a high degree of legal, predictable dynamics, which allows timely adjustment of existing legislation.

When we talk about legal life, we are not talking about legality or illegality, but about the attribution of these phenomena to legal phenomena, not about law as such, but about legal existence, about a certain form of life, necessarily including the shadow sector.

It is determined that our inclusion of a negative, illegal component in the concept of "legal life" seems vulnerable in terms of formal logic, as it tries to bring different, even directly opposite phenomena under the general generic term "legal".

However, we have repeatedly stated in the literature that the legal and illegal beginnings of the legal life of society are legal (in the legal sense) and act as part of the legal environment, are segments of the legal sphere. Of course, they both differ in nature and direction, such as legal and illegal behavior.

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