Institute of rehabilitation of illegally convicted persons as an important component of the development of the legal system of Ukraine

This article examines the institution of rehabilitation of illegally convicted persons in the legal system of Ukraine. It was determined that the rehabilitation of illegally convicted persons in the legal system of Ukraine is an important step for ensuring justice and restoring trust in justice. It has been studied that the institution of rehabilitation of illegally convicted persons plays an important role in the legal system of Ukraine, having a significant impact on the development of justice and the protection of human rights.

International legal regulation of labor migration issues

Abstract. The fact of widespread labor migration is proved not only among the population of Ukraine, but also among the world community as a whole. The main reasons for the movement of the working-age population in the context of globalisation processes are identified. The main aspects of the need for a unified model of compliance of national legislation with international standards are identified. It is proved that the unanimity of legal regulation of the labor migration process would help to eliminate contradictions between the provisions of legal systems of different states.

Legal aspects of cybersecurity in Ukraine: current challenges and the role of national legislation

Summary. The article identifies the peculiarities of the current state of cybersecurity in Ukraine and emphasizes the importance of applying effective legislation aimed at protecting the cyber structure, as well as choosing the best tools and mechanisms to combat cyber threats.

Ensuring the functioning of society in activities of public authorities under the legal regime of martial law

Abstract. The scientific article is devoted to the study of the activities of local self-government bodies during the period of martial law in ensuring the functioning of society, characterization of the concept, competence and features of local self-government bodies, and types of local self-government bodies. The article examines the scientific and regulatory approaches to defining the most important functions of local authorities, in particular, ensuring the constitutional rights and security of citizens.

Regulatory and legal regulation of public-private partnership in Ukraine

Statement of the problem. The importance of public-private partnerships requires substantiated regulatory and legal regulation in accordance with the need for high-quality and full cooperation between the state and private business with the highest effect. Therefore, the study of the role of legal regulation of public-private partnership in Ukraine is extremely relevant in the new conditions of development of Ukrainian society, given the challenges it is facing today.

Problems of precautionary measure application in the view of detention under guard in Ukraine

Annotation. The article examines problematic issues related to the use of preventive measures in the form of detention in criminal cases and the experience of foreign countries in this area. The practice of the European Court of Human Rights regarding detention and its decisions are analyzed in the context of legal norms and standards related to human rights.

On the question of holding a judge to responsibility for a judicial decision adopted by him

Abstract. Titan of labor Ivan Franko and Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytskyi wrote: "Love Ukraine not with a stream of loud and noisy phrases, but with quiet and tireless work. Loud, phraseological and, to a greater extent, insincere, because patriotism not supported by deeds must give way to respectable, silent, but deeply felt patriotism, which manifests itself not in words, but in work."

Ecologization of agriculture: legal aspect

The article is devoted to the analysis of regulatory and legal support  of ecologization in the field of agriculture and prospects for its improvement.

Ecologization of the agricultural sector is ensured by legal norms contained in laws and by-laws. In general, the norms of environmental and agrarian legislation of Ukraine regulate the relations of environmental protection and nature use in the field of agriculture.

National legislation and international obligations in the field of preventing and combating domestic violence

The article analyzes national legislation in the field of prevention and countermeasures against domestic violence and gender-based violence. The recognition of the concept of "Child witness" at the legislative level has been updated, and the problems of law enforcement practice, when the court cannot, taking into account the circumstances of the case, assess the child specifically as a victim in situations where she only witnessed domestic violence.

Legal and regulatory framework of labor rights protection of the citizens of Ukraine: prohibition of mobbing

Problem setting. In the conditions of constant industrialization, economic fluctuations, continuous uncertainty during the war, the labour rights of the employee are left aside, since the employer often neglects the labour force and forgets about the humane and valuable attitude towards the employee in search of the financial success of his/her company. The psychological state of an employee remains a particularly sensitive area as it is influenced by possible constant harassment or bullying by the employer or colleagues.